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Connected DataProtector 8.2

If you are looking to protect 1 to 4 computers, Iron Mountain has an online backup plan for you
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Protect your PC's most important asset - your data. Eliminate problems caused by backing up files to disk or other media. Let Iron Mountain DataProtector Data Backup Service do it for you. Automatically send files via the Internet to secure Data Centers, featuring the industry standard for secure transmission.
The Service includes a small piece of software that is easy to install on your PC. The software lets you:
* Back up files as often as you want
* Restore files wherever, whenever
* Sleep well at night knowing that your data is secure and available to you 24x7
* Eliminate worries because your data is fully encrypted in delivery and storage
* Retrieve your files from any Web browser with iRoam
* Backups take just minutes a day - or less! After your first backup (which might take hours), it takes only a few minutes or less to transmit new or changed data files to the Iron Mountain Data Center.
* Plans start at only $6.95 a month per PC!
Protect your home computer or small business with Connected Backup for PC and Mac
Connected Backup for PC and Mac safeguards your valuable data from accidental loss or corruption by automatically backing up files and storing them at Iron Mountain's highly secure data centers.
If you are looking to protect 1 to 4 computers, Iron Mountain has an online backup plan for you.

Data Reduction
* Unmatched Scalability
* Strategic Research Corporation
* Delta Block
* SendOnce
* Unbeatable Security
* 128-Bit Protection
* Encryption During Transmission
* Encryption in Storage
Data Center
* Advanced Manageability

Operating system
* Windows 2000 Professional, XP or XP professional
* Mac OSX version 10.4 and 10.5, multiprocessor
* Windows 2000 Professional: 133MHz or faster
* Windows XP Home Edition
* WindowsXP Professional: 233 MHz or faster required, 300 MHz or faster recommended
* Mac Intel Core Duo, Core Solo, or Core 2 Duo
* Java version 1.5.0_16 or later
* Windows: 256 MB RAM required, 512M RAM recommended
* Mac: 2GB RAM required
Web Browser
* Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher Internet connection
* Safari 2.x and later

All plans include a FREE 30-day trial. (except for the 30 and 50GB plans)
Note: Each account registration will establish backup for one computer only. For multiple computers, please repeat the registration process on each computer you wish to have backup service.

DataProtector Data Backup Service is totally automatic and absolutely secure. See how easy it is to backup your files!

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